Furniture selection is more important today than at any other time.    

Organizations increasingly recognize their furniture selections as an integral and vital element to achieving their strategic imperatives when planning for their success and reaching their future goals.  Furniture greatly assists in communicating an organization's vision and its sense of identity.

Architects and Interior Designers are creating innovative new concepts in space planning, and have introduced areas that didn't exist as recently as a few years ago.  These spaces, for where we work, learn, and relax, feel dynamic and spark our imagination, enhance our productivity, or provide a sense of privacy and comfort.    

Well-selected furniture contributes to the success of these spaces. Increasingly, furniture is viewed as an essential element:  thoughtful furniture decisions are integral in accomplishing the objective to every area's purpose. 

Choosing the right furniture can directly improve efficiency, encourage teamwork, create high performance environments, foster a sense of well-being, aid an organization’s efforts in attracting and retaining valued people, and enhance your clients' experience.

Across every type of organization a highly focused understanding of how people work, move, and interact with their colleagues, peers and clients is used to create flexible and forward thinking areas which are visually exciting and developed to be in sync with an organization’s specific culture.  In the workplace high-walled cubicles are almost non-existent, and as these high-walled workstation cubicles recede in popularity, we see a myriad of simpler but highly innovative table and chair designs furnishing our personal workspaces, meeting areas, privacy/quiet zones, and the assortment of other inviting areas where people connect, information is traded, and collaboration occurs. 

Our Mission:

Beautiful & Functional Furniture

Purchased at the Best Prices


The Highest Level of Customer Service


Clients who expect well-designed and highly functional furniture which address these changes to corporate, educational, health and wellness interiors can rely on Connors Contract Furniture for deep product knowledge, superior project management skills, and best prices. 

Our highly developed understanding of furniture, acquired from decades of successful contract furniture projects and enhanced by long and solid relationships with the manufacturers we represent, can guide you and assist your designers in the selection of which furniture designs, materials, and price points will best accommodate your goals.

Our Project Management skills produce flawless, successful outcomes.  We are a process-driven organization.  Detail obsessed. Accurate.  Thorough.  Throughout every step we apply skill sets and knowledge derived from decades of successful contract furniture experience.  We've seen it all, and know how and where potential problems can occur.  We organize furniture details into a larger project picture, and provide a continual stream of accessible, comprehensive, accurate, reliable, and timely communications to our manufacturers, our clients, their designers, and all other client representatives. Our deep experience and knowledge is essential to ensuring your project's ultimate success.  

We respect our clients, their designers and project managers, property managers and their associates, tradespeople and construction crews, and all others involved in the project’s development and eventual successful conclusion.

We promise on-time delivery, without budget or furniture “surprises”, and successful project outcomes.